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Cyber Week Sale is Here!

Cyber Week Sale is Here!

Have you ever wondered why you should love Cyber Monday or Week more than any other holiday shopping event? 

Well, We have some stories to share.

We started our journey with the idea that everyone should get the best prices and with the most comfortable and convenient shopping experience. Our daily motivation as an e-commerce only business is to become better and faster at what we do.

That's why you are gonna love our amazing Cyber Monday deals that offer amazing Outlet Prices with fast Express Shipping. And of course, don't forget our easy 30-day return. We want to make sure you LOVE THE RUG AS MUCH AS WE DO!

When we say cyber Monday at The Rugs Outlet Canada, we mean the best day to make our customers happy. We know how much shopping in stores and on a busy Black Friday weekend can be difficult for many of our lovely customers. So we are going to give you that freedom of shopping online with the ease of fast Canada-wide delivery at your doorsteps.

So don't forget to check out our amazing Cyber Monday deals, when you are back at work during that busy Monday. We make sure to provide an excellent shopping experience, so you can just focus on what you like and get excited for that perfect new rug to arrive soon.

Now let us share some thoughts on our rug designs

Modern: The area rugs in this category aim to blend the future and past. We always tell our designers to focus on the intentions of large spacious homes with transitional living room and dining room areas. This allows for most modern area rug designs to create balance and harmony when zoning each space. When you shop our modern collections make sure to think fun, bold, and courageously. This will help you get the rug that makes your home full of new colors and patterns.

Traditional: This design category is our team members' favourite. We all appreciate a connection to traditions and classy home decor. As always nothing beats a traditional look when as a complementary element or even acting as a contract for your home decor. Traditional rugs always give great detail to any size home. The colors and patterns become bold and dominant when they are used in smaller rooms. On the other hand, when these designs are used in a large living space, they are so relaxing and softly blended into the space that the eyes will find pleasure in distinguishing the patterns from the environment. 

Bamboo Silk: This category is one of our specialty categories. These rugs are made with softer yarns and higher density thread count. This will allow for the patterns and colors to be more detailed and have a softer feel. We always recommend to our loyal customers that a bamboo silk rug is the best of both worlds. You get an amazing price and fantastic quality. We exclusively produce these rugs to bridge the traditional and modern styles of decor, because these rugs have such detailed patterns that will fit any elegant home decor.

Persian & Handmade: Last but not least, the pinnacle of area rugs are beautiful handmade rugs in the most delicate process. We pride ourselves to be offering a large catalogue of these gems. When we think of handmade rugs, we always focus on the investment in the beauty, quality and appreciation for the craft. The roots and traditions of handmade rugs always carry a story that will add a sense of adventure to any home. Whether looking for a runner or an oversized rug, our handmade section will always have something to excite you and bring joy to any style of decor. Our little tip for finding the best handmade rug is to first appreciate the art and then be fearless and go for the bold designs. This will ensure that you will never take your eyes off it and your guest will remember the beauty of this experience. Let us not forget that they make an excellent holiday gift for your special person.

Now you can celebrate that last 10 minutes of your lunch break, with an awesome convenient shopping experience.