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Black Friday Sales

2022 Black Friday Sales Event!

Here in the beautiful Great Canadian North, we celebrate Black Friday, since we love the holiday season shopping. Black Friday is always considered the start of all the great holiday deals and we want to make sure you won't miss it.

We know that many families love to add a fresh look and overhaul their living spaces as the holidays are around the corner. Trees go up and lights get put out to add a full vibrant energy for the festivity of the season ahead. 

About Our Black Friday Sales:
This year we are so enthusiastic that we are having the biggest sale ever on our site. In the past 2 years, we received so much positive feedback about our Black Friday sale, that we are going big this year with a blowout sale. Now the game has changed for us, and we are so excited for the 3rd year in a row to be able to serve all Canadians From the West Coast to the East Coast.

Why We love Black Friday:
We always love to consider ourselves as a service provider and not a retailer. Since we see ourselves as part of each customer’s home decor. We are so proud to provide the best services and products to make sure every single Canadian home feels thrilled and delighted when they place a new area rug in their home. During the holiday season, we make sure to provide the best sale prices as an outlet online shop.

Now let us introduce some of our favourite area rugs for this Black Friday event:

Santorini Vintage & Medallion RugWe always say, there is no better style than a traditional area rug. What traditional rugs bring to a home space is always classy and timeless. A traditional rug like this Navy Blue Santorini with dark shades and fades along the contrasting light tones can zone any living room or dining room. If you love the darker tones and still need those small contrasting details, this is the one and only. We know YOU’LL LOVE IT.

Paris Abstract & Geometric RugWith this modern Paris collection area rug, you definitely are going to feel those Parisian vibes. The clean lines of the abstract geometric pattern with its alternating color tones can blend into any modern living room or dining room. When you consider a geometric design, we always suggest finding the dominant color in your home decor and then pairing this beautiful Paris area rug with its tonal contrast to bolden that zone in your home.

Qashqai Medallion & Bohemian RugThis traditional bohemian Qashqai collection area rug is what always makes the space to be transformed into a palace. With its intricate design details and classic pattern, any home with classic and bohemian decor can be revamped and transformed. When you consider an area rug like this, find the zone in your living room or office to add a fun story of class and elegance. When you contrast this complex design against an open-space concept, the decor will be elevated and the space becomes actively eye-catching. 

Monaco Abstract & Geometric Rug: The modern appeal of this Monaco design with its faded and abstract color scheme will always sit right in any modern home space. The attributes of the geometric design with the muted color hues can be so subtle and fun in any space. When your home decor is focused on a simple and minimalist aesthetic, this Monaco rug can bring a new look when you zone and divide a big living room and dining room.

We hope you enjoy browsing our catalogue and all the beautiful area rugs. 
If you have any questions feel free to contact us.