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About us

Our roots in the Home Décor and Interior Design industry go back 3 decades. We started as a wholesaler to many retail brands and worked alongside the biggest manufacturers in the industry. Our expertise and knowledge of the market increased with years of innovation and customer relations.

Now “The Rugs Outlet Canada” wants to bring you a dedicated Canadian owned business with the values of a Canadian Family.

Our mission is to bring those incredible people skills and wholesale price values
right to your doorsteps.

Our Values:
Our main purpose is established in Family Values. We have been operating as a
the family-owned business that has a keen understanding of what resonates with the Canadian families. We put ourselves in your shoes. We envision your home like ours.

These merits allow us to find a clear sense of empathy that makes our operations dedicated and honest. Beyond our connection with customers, we want to bring impactful leadership to the world as well. One of our strongest values is to maintain a high standard of corporate responsibility by proactively addressing environmental, social and governance issues. Lastly, we value our diverse, talented workforce, and we support them so that their contributions mature the evolution of our journey together.

Expertise and Mission:
We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products at the most competitive prices. This places us in a unique segment of the industry, as people who were the intermediators, now we bring you a manufacturer's price level with the ease and comfort of online shopping.

We buy exclusive rights from manufacturers, so the market is balanced for all shoppers and makers. Next, it is essential to deliver a full assortment of products by creating frequent new collections to ensure that our customers have plenty of variety to choose from.

So, we put our heart and creativity into designing, producing & supplying modern/contemporary rugs to a global market.

Yet we never forget that our customers are part of this family, so family will always GET THE BEST PRICE.