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How To Flatten An Area Rug?

How To Flatten An Area Rug?

Did you just take your rug out of the packaging and notice that it has ripples on it?

Do you want your rug to lay flat but instead you see bumps, wrinkles, and creases ruining its appearance?

We are here with expert tips to help you!

Pro Tip: Do this on a clean surface, so you avoid any staining to your brand-new area rug

- Carefully unpack the Area Rug from its packaging

- Flip the Area Rug with the wrong side facing up

- Roll The area rug similar to how it arrives in the packaging

Pro Tip: If you try to make your rolling tight and even on both sides, You get better results in a shorter time

- Now you can let area rug sit for 30 minutes on average. The length of time needed depends on a few factors such as the tightness of the rolling, amount of moisture in the room, and How Excited Are You to See the Rug Jazz Up Your Home 

Pro Tip: The amount of moisture in the room can help soften the backing of the rug and speed up the process

- Next, you can unroll the rug and inspect the results

- If you Still See Creases or edges are not laying as flat as you want them, then try out these next steps

Flattening The Edges & Corners!
    • Bend and curl the edges towards the wrong side of the rug, starting slightly away from the corners and working your way right to the edge.
    • slowly vacuum the rug so the plie is aligned back into the weave

Pro Tip: Always vacuum in the direction of the pile and make sure the vacuum is on the right setting for the pile height. If it is not easy to determine the pile direction by sliding your hand on the rug, you can stand at each shorter end of the rug and watch for light reflection. Usually, the side that reflects light better and appears brighter is the actual pile direction.

Lastly, If you see corners giving you a hard time, use heavy objects or some furniture to weigh down the corners for a day or two.

You can also head over to our YouTube channel and watch our video on this subject.