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A Colorful Rug For Your Home!

A Colorful Rug For Your Home!

A colorful rug is certainly a great way to enhance your interior, especially if you are looking to create a bold statement. However, the truth is that when you invest in a colorful rug, it’s important to not introduce too many additional colors to your space.

This is because you may end up creating an over-powering feeling and distracting the eyes from the rug which holds the purpose of being the center of attention. To maintain consistency, it’s important to color match your home décor with the colors of the rug, as this will bring out the bold and rich essence, making it a focal point that really draws in your attention.

At The Rugs Outlet Canada, we do our very best to capture the best ways to combine our rugs with home décor, covering a range of styles that offer certain looks – we do this with our in-house interior designer who has over a decade of experience in this creative industry.

Establishing A Flow of Energy

While a colorful rug is a great way to bring some boldness to the room, it’s always best to create a balance between the color frequencies and material that is being used. We suggest using home décor such as shelves made from dark wood since this will bring some natural essence to the space and tone down the energies of the colorful rug. The wooden texture will also help to establish a smoother and softer finish within the space, helping to create a more seamless flow of energy.

Create a Connection with Nature

When a colorful rug is the center of attention and there are rich shades throughout, be sure to introduce indoor plants to the space to create a connection to Mother Nature. A colorful rug is great for creating character and personality and this can be enhanced through the use of natural elements.

The Amsterdam Collection

Looking for a colorful rug to complete your interior design concept? Look no further than the Amsterdam Collection, powered by bold shades that shine bright all year round. These unique designs are known for establishing an upbeat tone in the space that you are creating.