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Size Chart

Rug Type Size (cm) Size (ft)
Small 90x150 2'9'' x 4'9
Small - Medium 130x190 4'2'' x 6'2''
Medium 160x230 5'3'' x 7'6''
Medium - Large  200x290 6'6'' x 9'5''
Large  240x340 7'9'' x 11'1''
Oversize 290x390 9'5'' x 12'8''
Runner 90x290 2'9'' x 9'5'' Runner
Small Round  185 Diameter 6' Diameter
Large Round  245 Diameter 8' Diameter


Tips for Choosing the Right Size Rug:

For Small Spaces:
Opt for rugs up to 3'x5' (91x152 cm) in areas around 5'x7' (152x213 cm) or smaller. Leave 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) of bare floor between the edges of the rug and the walls to avoid making the room feel crowded.

For Medium Spaces:
Medium-sized rugs (4'x6' to 5'x8', or 122x183 cm to 152x244 cm) are ideal for rooms about 7'x10' (213x305 cm) to 10'x12' (305x366 cm). The rug should be large enough to slip under the front legs of sofas and chairs or under all the furniture in a more compact setup.

For Large Spaces:
In rooms approximately 10'x14' (305x427 cm) or slightly larger, large rugs (7'x10' to 8'x11', or 213x305 cm to 244x335 cm) can sit under the entire furniture set, with all legs on the rug, or just the front legs to tie the room together.

For Oversized Spaces:
For areas that exceed 12'x15' (366x457 cm), consider oversized rugs (9'x12' and larger, or 274x366 cm and bigger). These should anchor the main seating area and create a defined space that complements the scale of the room.
Runners & Kitchens:

Runners (typically 2'9"x9'5", or 85x287 cm) are perfect for hallways and should be long enough to stretch the space while allowing for 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) of floor space on either side to frame the runner beautifully. For kitchens, ensure the runner doesn't extend into the area where cabinetry and appliances open.