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Care Instruction

All items need care and maintenance to increase their longevity. Our Handcrafted Collections need sophisticated care as they are made with natural fibers and dye.

Maintenance Instruction

Vacuuming regularly with a low-powered vacuum cleaner is just a basic necessity. If you happen to come across any loose threads, do not pull them. Instead, you need to use scissors to cut and remove the threads.

Spills Instruction

If a small spill or a minor incident has occurred, take immediate action by using delicate detergents (ex. wool) to remove the spill before it leaves any stain. Using harsh chemicals will damage your rug by fading the rug's color and damaging the backing. Do not dry clean and for major incidents, our advice is to hire a professional to do the job.

Storage Instruction

Rolling the rug from the front side and wrapping the rolled rug within a polybag or any type of storage cloth is the best way to store and/or re-locate the rug. Do not fold the rug as it may cause bald spots on the surface of the rug.

If your rug is slippery, our recommendation is to use a rug pad. For further detail, feel free to contact us.