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Home decor to match your personal style - By: Tara Parachuk

Home decor to match your personal style by: Tara Parachuk

I love home decor because next to fashion, it’s a way to express my personality. I’m always drawn towards modern styles with a hint of contemporary design. Shades of grey and cool whites catch my eye first followed by deep blues as accents, adding a luxe feel. 

When I was looking for a new area rug, my must have list was a light base with hints of grey and or blue. I came across The Rugs Outlet and found so many rugs that matched my style, it was hard to choose just one. I did some research and found that they are based out of London, UK and have in house designers for all of their designs. Their main focus is quality and of course, offering a variety of designs for their customers. The best part? A line up of chic rugs that are actually affordable! 

The Salvador Collection immediately caught my eye and matched everything on my list. It has a simple yet modern design and wasn’t too loud. Placing an order was super easy and the rug was delivered within a week. Fully wrapped in plastic and even had little covers for each end of the rug. 

Once I laid the rug down, it was easy to get out the creases thanks to the step by step video The Rugs Outlet provided. Now it’s onto a new couch and tables to match!

Here’s my vision for the room. A midnight blue couch with velvet pillows (colour to be determined), a marble two shelf coffee table with chrome legs and a solid white side table. I’ll add a table lamp and possibly a faux 5’ on the opposite side of the couch. This rug will tie it all together! Have any design tips? Share them with me on Instagram. 

Stay chic,

Tara | Style Beauty Life